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2023/11/24 18:30


■Daniele DI NICUOLO(ダニエレ・ディ・ニクオロ)
Born and raised in Milano, Daniele Di Nicuolo debuted in the U.S. comics market with Mirror's Edge at Dark Horse before starting his multi-year collaboration with Boom! Studios' on their Power Rangers line, including Power Rangers: Pink, the 25th anniversary event Shattered Grid and its followup, Necessary Evil. He is also the co-creator of Seven Secrets, with Tom Taylor.
Recently he worked on several issues of Nightwing, and now is the main artist on the new DC miniseries Speed Force.

ミラノで生まれ育ったダニエレ・ディ・ニクオロは、ダークホース・コミックスの『ミラーズ・エッジ』でアメリカのコミック市場にデビュー。その後、ブーム!スタジオズのコミックス『パワーレンジャー』シリーズで数年にわたる共同制作を開始し、『パワーレンジャー: ピンク』や25周年記念イベント『パワーレンジャー:シャッタードグリッド』、その続編『Necessary Evil』などを担当した。

■Simone DI MEO(シモーネ・ディ・メオ)
Simone Di Meo is a comic book artist from Turin, Italy, well known for his work as an interior artist, concept artist and cover artist. He is also a 2x Eisner Nominee For “We Only Find Them When They’re Dead” with Al Ewing.
 After graduating from the International School of Comics in Turin, Simone instantly began working as a penciler and inker for publishers such as Sergio Bonelli Editore, Disney Italia, Disney WorldWide, Titan Comics, IDW, Dynamite, Aspen Comics, Egmont. Starting from 2018 he worked for BOOM! Studios on Power Rangers and Power Rangers/Ninja Turtles. In the same year, he also began his collaboration with Marvel Comics, working on The Immortal Hulk: The Best Defence, Venom Annual, and Champions. Shortly after in 2020, he began working with Al Ewing on the creator-owned series We Only Find Them When They're Dead for BOOM! Studios. Soon after he also began working with DC Comics, as an artist on Harley Quinn: Future State” and as cover artist on Batman, Robin, Super Sons, Posion Ivy, Gotham, Green Arrow and many more.
In 2021 Simone worked on Sean Murphy's Batman universe, doing both the cover and interior art for Batman: White Knight Presents: Red Hood. Simone is now working on one of the biggest comic book titles, the main Batman and Robin series for DC Comics, as the interior artist and cover artist.

イタリア・トリノ出身のコミック・アーティストで、コンセプト・アーティスト、カバー・アーティストとしても知られる。アル・ユーイングとの共作『We Only Find Them When They're Dead』で2度のアイズナー賞ノミネート。
同年、マーベル・コミックとの共同制作も開始し、『The Immortal Hulk: The Best Defence』、『Venom Annual』、『Champions』を手がけた。その直後の2020年、アル・ユーイングとともにブーム!スタジオのクリエイター所有シリーズ『We Only Find Them When They Dead』の制作を開始。その後すぐにDCコミックスでも仕事を始め、『ハーレイ・クイン』のアーティストとして活躍し、『 フューチャー・ステート』や『バットマン』、『ロビン』、『スーパーサンズ』、『ポージオン・アイビー』、『ゴッサム』、『グリーンアロー』などのカバーアーティストを務める。
2021年、ショーン・マーフィのバットマン・ユニバースに参加し、『バットマン:ホワイトナイト・プレゼンツ: レッド・フード』のカバーとコミックの両方を手がけた。